VĮ "Oro navigacija"

For air traffic control center "Oro navigacija" - economical and COreducing emissions ventilation system optimization

SE Oro Navigacija is a certified European air navigation service provider representing the Republic of Lithuania in its entire airspace, over territorial waters and the Baltic Sea airspace. Such objects of strategic importance are subject to the highest standards of reliability and security. Air Traffic Control Center „Oro navigacija“, where working people meet and land planes on a daily basis, it was necessary not only to ensure maximum comfort of the indoor microclimate, but also continuous professional maintenance of the installed systems. By combining endless engineering solutions, Kondena's team was able to adapt the most optimal option. 

The new technologies are equipped in accordance with the smart maximum energy efficiency and COprinciples of emission reduction: high-efficiency ventilation, cooling and heating systems with geothermal ground-to-water heat pumps and energy-efficient electricity supply sources ensure maximum comfort and remote control of air flows in the premises. And the adiabatic humidifier on the roof, which uses drinking water, is built on a unique engineering principle to keep the water from freezing, has a powerful steam efficiency system and improves the durability of materials. We can say that the comfortable microclimate conditions created in this object really help to precisely manage Lithuanian airspace and this has been giving us a sense of national pride for 3 years now.

Lithuanian National Philharmonic

"Kondena" took care of the house of music ventilation system. 

Museum „MMO“

The Kondena has installed an irrigation system at the "MMO" Museum.

Marriot hotel

The hotel offers high-quality, certified and professional fire-fighting equipment

Senator passage

Such a complex solution is the first in the domestic market.

Green hall, Barclays

At the Barclays bank, Kondena installed an irrigation system.

Park Town I, Vilnius

With the optimal solution in the office premises, we have achieved the highest level of comfort.

Business center "Alia"

This project can be called the most non-standard in Lithuania

Palanga swimming pool, Palanga

This project is one of the best examples of climate comfort.

AB Vilnius Poultry Farm

Ventilation equipment of the highest hygienic performance in the world is presented

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