„MMO" museum

Precision Humidifiers Museum MMO

Ventilation and proper humidity maintenance are unconditionally important in public buildings such as the MMO Museum of Modern Art. Because here it is necessary to ensure a stable condition of works of art so that they do not lose their properties. By maintaining humidity in this type of premises, even the slightest deviation can have irreparable consequences. We have taken on this challenge with courage, as we have repeatedly had to make non-standard decisions when we need to ensure the right microclimate in non-typical spaces or conditions.

 We integrated the humidifiers into the ventilation system operating here. Although the distance of the humidifier from the steam distribution point was greater than accepted as standard, it was still technically possible to solve this and achieve a moisture error of no more than 5% in this modern art oasis. The hosts of the museum, which houses one of the largest private collections of 5,000 Lithuanian modern and contemporary works of art in Lithuania, which acquired the status of national significance a decade ago, are happy with the excellent result that has not changed for 3 years. The condensate team is happy to contribute to the smooth running and long service life of cultural objects.

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