Marriot hotel

The highest quality fire protection system - Marriot Hotel

The Marriot Hotel is famous for its exceptional quality for its customers, so it is not surprising that the task set for us to ensure fire safety was VIP level. Representing the leading brands in the market, we have been able to offer the highest quality certified and professional fire protection equipment (actuators, valves, fire valves), which has been providing maximum fire safety in this world-class four-star hotel for 3 years continuously. 

As professionals in our field, we are principled - hearing the Customer's needs, if we see different possibilities of ordering solutions, we always offer solutions that ensure long-term service, the highest quality and the best guarantee of reliability. Customers appreciate it. 

Lithuanian National Philharmonic

"Kondena" took care of the house of music ventilation system. 

Museum „MMO“

The Kondena has installed an irrigation system at the "MMO" Museum.

Senator passage

Such a complex solution is the first in the domestic market.

Green hall, Barclays

At the Barclays bank, Kondena installed an irrigation system.

Park Town I, Vilnius

With the optimal solution in the office premises, we have achieved the highest level of comfort.

Business center "Alia"

This project can be called the most non-standard in Lithuania

Palanga swimming pool, Palanga

This project is one of the best examples of climate comfort.

VĮ "Oro navigacija"

Smart ventilation devices are installed

AB Vilnius Poultry Farm

Ventilation equipment of the highest hygienic performance in the world is presented

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