Kelių skyrių dūmų vožtuvai

Multi - compartment smoke valves

Multi-compartment smoke valves are part of a ventilation system designed to remove heat and flammable products (such as smoke) from fire compartments. In the event of a fire, the smoke and fire ventilation system opens the damper at the affected area and removes combustion products and heat from this compartment. The damper blade is controlled by an electric actuator. The silencers are fire resistant and designed for systems with automatic activation.

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UV-C-ROBOT disinfection equipment

Self-propelled disinfectant UV-C-ROBOT are reliable tools to ensure that very high levels of disinfection requirements are achieved and maintained. UV-C robots can be used to autonomously disinfect rooms and surfaces in any environment. The UV-C Robot is designed based on the recommendations of infection specialists to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and pathogens into the environment. The disinfection efficiency is 99.99%.

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UV-C-STYLO-NX disinfection equipment

UVC-STYLO-NX can quickly destroy viruses, bacteria (including SARS-CoV-2) on surfaces, escalators, or conveyor belts. UV-C lamps have an operating time of 9000 hours. The disinfection efficiency is 99.99%.

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Dūmų šalinimo sklendės

Smoke extraction valves

Smoke dampers are part of a ventilation system designed to remove heat and combustion products (eg smoke) from a single fire compartment. In the event of a fire, the smoke and fire ventilation system opens a valve in the affected area compartment that removes combustion products and heat from this compartment.

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Pramoninės sistemos

Ozonation systems for disinfection and deodorization

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that is easily produced from ambient air and decomposes rapidly in contact with air. Ozone is used in industry, medicine, kitchen extraction systems, water and air purification due to its properties. Using purified ozone with an oxygen concentration of 93% can achieve economical, environmentally and human-friendly results. The manufacturer assumes lifelong responsibility for its products. Ozone technologies are also effective in eliminating odors. Ozone production facilities are always collected individually, according to the customer's request, but industrial ozonation systems can have an industrial ozone production capacity of up to 120 g / h or more.

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pramoniniai šildytuvai

Namų ir Pramoniniai šildytuvai

Šildytuvas – tai prietaisas, kuris viduje įmontuoto ventiliatoriaus pagalba nukreipia šiltą orą į išorę. Šis klimato kontrolės įrenginys su keramikiniu elementu tolygiai sušildys patalpą be jokios žalos sveikatai. Šildytuvai rudenio bei žiemos sezonų metu padės palaikyti normalią patalpos temperatūrą, nesukeldami jokio diskomforto.

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ADS ECO autonomous disinfection system

The autonomous disinfection system - ADS ECO - is the primary safety line of the building and a solution for virus, bacterial control and hygiene. Since aperformed 360 ° disinfection with a water-based solution that does not harm health, does not become moisture in contact with clothing, does not lubricate, does not damage tissues. This system is applied in places where people gather, can be modeled taking into account the specifics of the client's activities.


Equipment rental is possible.

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Water cooling machine (chiller)

Water chiller (chiller) is an industrial refrigeration equipment that can be used to cool water in various conditioning systems, if the heat pump is included, it is possible to heat the water.

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Lanksčių ortakių sistema

Flexible duct system

Flexible duct system is an increasingly common choice in newly built ventilation systems.

Flexible duct system:

  • Saves space by installing fewer ceilings when installing flexible ducts than when installing galvanized ducts
  • Quick installation and start-up (1-2 days)
  • Extremely easy maintenance
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