Baseininio išpildymo vėdinimo įrenginiai

Swimming pool ventilation units

Baseinams reikalingo specifinio išpildymo vėdinimo įrenginiai skirti susidoroti temperatūros pokyčiais, drėgme, atviru vandens paviršiumi. Tokioje aplinkoje vanduo intensyviai garuoja, todėl svarbu pašalinti perteklinę drėgmę, nuo kurios genda pastato konstrukcijos.

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Buitinės ozonavimo sistemos

Domestic ozonation systems - disinfection equipment

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen composed of 3 oxygen atoms. It is unstable and decomposes into the normal form of oxygen. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer. It is soluble in water and has a very good ability to remove microorganisms, fats and contaminants. Ozone reacts with other substances in the environment, and it is characteristic that we use it in our household ozonation systems.


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Šalčio sijos

Chilled Beams

Chilled Beams are part of an air conditioning system that cool or heat a room's air. These devices allows you to achieve great results in terms of comfort, health benefits and energy savings. 

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Kelių skyrių dūmų vožtuvai

Multi - compartment smoke valves

Multi-compartment smoke valves are part of a ventilation system designed to remove heat and flammable products (such as smoke) from fire compartments. In the event of a fire, the smoke and fire ventilation system opens the damper at the affected area and removes combustion products and heat from this compartment. The damper blade is controlled by an electric actuator. The silencers are fire resistant and designed for systems with automatic activation.

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Difuzoriai pirtims

Diffusers for sauna

Our choices also include stylish diffusers for saunas, which combine exceptional technical features with an elegant Scandinavian design. The products withstand high temperatures and humidity well and remain dry after the sauna.

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Kilnojami difuzoriai

Portable diffusers

Portable diffusers combine large capacity, elegant design and flexibility when device location adjustments are required. Diffusers provide a quiet and unobtrusive distribution of air to rooms such as restaurants, schools, industrial premises and professional kitchens.

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Lėto srauto difuzoriai

Slow flow diffusers

Slow flow diffusers are air conditioning elements designed to distribute air over long distances. Suitable for high-quality airflow in large rooms such as laboratories, concert halls, production or offices with slow indoor airflow.

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Elektrodiniai drėkintuvai

Professional electrode humidifiers XT

The XT series electrode steam humidifiers are designed for use in offices, medical facilities, industry and other premises. Easy installation and minimal maintenance - The XT Series is one of the most affordable irrigation systems you can purchase and install.
XT serijos elektrodiniai drėkintuvai siūlo Jums mažas investicines išlaidas, paprastą montavimą ir priežiūrą.

Measurement accuracy - +/- 5%.

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