Round smoke valves

Apvalūs dūmų vožtuvai

Round smoke valves are used in the installation of ventilation systems in buildings. Smoke valves stop the spread of fire and smoke through the duct system. The valve feather is made of heat-resistant material.

Round smoke valves are part of a fire protection system that prevent the spread of fire and other combustion products, such as smoke, from one fire segment to another point of construction by closing the duct. The valve blade automatically closes the duct using a closing spring or actuation mechanism. The spring is released by pressing a button or a thermal fuse. Rectangular smoke valves have two inspection openings.

The operation of the smoke valves does not depend on the direction of air circulation, they can be in an arbitrary position. Suitable for systems free of abrasive, chemical and adhesive particles. The temperature at the installation site is allowed to range from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C.

  • Round smoke valves from ø 100 to 630 mm;
  • CE certificate according to EN 12101;
  • Tested according to EN 1366-10;
  • Outer hull leakage class B, min. Class 4, diameter 100 min. Class 3;
  • With electric drive;
  • Air speed in the system 15 m / s;
  • Permissible pressure up to 500 Pa.

We evaluate each order in several sections: what engineering solution would be the most energy efficient for the specifics of a particular company, what is the need for business process automation, what solution scenarios are suitable for the available investment budget, how to maintain the optimal price-quality ratio, taking into account real operating costs.

As professionals in our field, we are principled - hearing the needs of the Customer, if we see other possibilities of ordering solutions, we always offer long-term service, the highest quality and the most suitable device for you. Contact us!

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„Vėdinimas yra reikalingas tam, kad patalpose esantis oras būtų nuolat papildomas deguonimi, sumažinama anglies dvideginio (CO2) koncentracija, užtikrinama reikalinga santykinė oro drėgmė bei pašalinami oro teršalai. Remiantis Harvardo universiteto mokslų daktaro Dr. Joseph Allen teigimu, efektyviai veikianti vėdinimo sistema ir cirkuliuojančio oro dezinfekcija yra viena iš virusų prevencijos priemonių. „
When installing a recuperation system, there are details of things that a non-professional may not know, things that may go unnoticed. So there is a high probability that the result will not be happy, so you will have to turn to professionals. Timely advice and assistance can help avoid unnecessary investments, and the solution chosen will ensure a comfortable climate and proportionate operating costs for the system.
The buildings are airtight, the humidity outside is very low in winter, so when the heating starts, the relative humidity of the indoor air is usually less than 30%. Then the nasal and eye mucosa dries out, the skin dries out, the resistance to viral and bacterial diseases decreases, allergic reactions become more active and people's ability to work decreases. In rooms where irrigation equipment is installed and 45 percent is maintained. humidity level, viruses spread four times slower than in rooms without irrigation and 30% humidity. The correct relative humidity maintains a moist, undamaged mucous membrane and is a prevention of the establishment of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in the mucous membranes. It is necessary to mention that proper irrigation is necessary for the storage and exposition of works of art, in industry, medical clinics and hospitals, laboratories.
The most direct way to a quick and efficient solution is to contact our engineers. Proper selection of a humidifier requires not only engineering knowledge, but also to capture the parameters or other data, so it is best to consult a professional.
In winter, the room temperature is +22 (possible error 2 degrees) and the humidity is 40-60 percent.
Maximum workability is achieved when the indoor temperature in winter reaches +22 C (possible 2 degree error and humidity 40-60%. In summer season - temperature + 23 C (error 1.5 degrees) and humidity within 40-60%.
To ensure maximum efficiency, the air in the ventilation system must be properly prepared: heated and humidified in winter and cooled and dehumidified in summer according to the specified parameters. Also in the ventilation system, the air must be distributed appropriately according to the work premises, taking into account their size, etc. important parameters.
Flushing is high humidity and high temperature, stuffy rooms can be uncomfortable, so there are several solutions. Temperature and humidity or one of these parameters can be reduced.
There is a "lack of air" in the room due to too high a concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and more fresh air or too high a temperature and high humidity.
Indoor air is dry because the humidity outside is significantly lower than in summer, and even when the air is warm, the relative humidity in the room is lower than 30 percent. For this reason, we have the so-called dry air effect. The solution is a humidifier. Although they are varied, the best advice will be given by a professional, as it is necessary not only to address the issue of humidification, but also to ensure that excessive humidity does not cause more trouble than benefit later.

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